[Part Five] From 100 - 0 real quick: Wayne is not my brother

In Summary

• Mr. Njenga loved me whole heartedly and he always came to me when he had concerns or issues and I would try and help him out with his issues.

• She then said that once she showed interest in getting to know our father even more, her relationship with Patrick started to fade slowly.

A sad man.
A sad man.
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What did I just hear? She once dated my ex-girlfriend's dad?I think I'm going to faint.

I'm weak, confused and for some reason it's like my brain doesn't want to function anymore.

"Mum, what are you talking about? You once dated Patrick?" I asked her but she just looked down, not saying a word.


At this point I almost shouted at my mother because I was in a really weird state and all I wanted was answers.

"Yes son, I dated Patrick before I got married to your father. Here's the thing. Patrick and I had a really close relationship and we ended up dating for two years, but the worst mistake I made was not telling your father about it until later on.

Mr. Njenga loved me wholeheartedly and he always came to me when he had concerns or issues and I would try and help him out with as many as I could. It was never a bother to me because he showered me with so much love. I blocked the whole world when I was with him."

It's like my mum is speaking in tongues or something because I still don't understand how we are even talking about this.

She then said that once she showed interest in getting to know our father even more, her relationship with Patrick started to fade slowly.

"It got to a point where I was fully committed to your father and all I wanted was to build a life with him and continue to grow. But even though I was swimming in love, I had some guilt that ate me up; It felt as if I had betrayed Patrick," she said.

All this time Patrick is just looking at my mother as she narrates their past, but what he said next is what almost made me faint. Patrick said that losing my mother to my dad was the most painful time of his life because he really loved her and hoped they would start a family together.


"Your mother was swept off her feet and she got comfortable with your father quite fast. Njenga was a sleek man (he laughs) and it was only a matter of time before your mother fell for him deeply. Your father was a really good friend of mine, but I saw another side of him that I had never seen before and thinking about that time really kills me. It’s worse because he is no longer here to talk about that time," Patrick said as he looked at my mother with so much sadness in his eyes.

So what really happened to a point my dad couldn't even face his best friend? Did they fight? Did they have an argument that destroyed their friendship? So many questions in my head but I have to get answers.

We can as well not sleep tonight until I get the whole story.

It's already getting late and guests have left, so Aunt Jackie asked us to go back to the house.

All this time, as my mother and her former lover are explaining their previous love encounter, Amanda doesn't even know what is going on.

When we got to the house, she was already there, just going through her phone while having minimal conversations with Aunt Jackie.

I looked at her and all I could think about was how our parents have messed us up in so many ways than one. I want to tell her what my mum and her father confessed, but is it the right time?

My mum goes and sits on the far left side of our living room while Patrick sat close to the door.

Aunt Jackie offers everyone something to drink as she organizes supper for everyone who was still at home.

I look at my mum and I can tell she has so much in her head, but I'm equally confused by everything I just heard or rather found out.

I go to where she's seated and hug her when all of a sudden, she starts balling. What is really going on because I know my mother as one tough woman who rarely expresses her emotions via tears. She's a very strong woman, I must say.

"Should we tell them everything right now or wait for a better time?" Amanda's dad asked my mum and immediately, I saw so much tension in my mother's eyes.

"I don't think they are ready. They just buried their father a few hours ago. Telling them the truth would make things worse at this time," my mum responded to Patrick.

In my head, I have so many questions. What are these two talking about? Is there more to this story? What are they hiding from us and why is all this happening after our dad died?

Amanda looks at me with questionable eyes, she stands and comes to where I was sitting and asks, "What are they talking about? Is something wrong?"

Yes, everything is wrong at this point, but how do I start explaining to her that our parents were once lovers? Heck, I don't even know how to digest all this.

We once dated and we were so in love, but how do you come to terms with the fact that your mother and your ex-girlfriend's dad dated? I keep quiet for a few seconds, then Aunt Jackie comes in with hot pots and places them on the dining table.

My mother then sighs heavily and says, "Patrick, you are going to put me in so much trouble by saying this, but my children and your daughter need to know the truth."

"Eric, I'm sorry I did this to you considering how amazing you've been, being a responsible young man who's very supportive and quite open. I'm really sorry. I know I have really shocked you with my confession, but that's not it."Wayne is your half brother."

I can't breathe...

(To be continued on Wednesday...)