Trendsetter: Prezzo razzmatazz makes up for his second-rate music


Trendsetter: Prezzo razzmatazz makes up for his second-rate music

Davies Ndolo @DaviesNdolo

Jackson Ngechu Makini, he of the "Leta Action" and "Let's Get Down" fame, has always been wrapped up in the celebrity craze. When we turn on the radio and television we really don't want to see normal things. It's probably why Prezzo has always been a key focus in the entertainment industry. Before there was everybody else, there was this star who unapologetically

built these chaotic chapters in his life simply to stay winning in the public eye.

If you think about it, most people now don't think much of his music. However, since he is aware of what exists around him, he's always understood the art of doing the unexpected to an extent it's actually become a representation of who he really is - which, unquestionably, people are interested in and are anticipating every moment his presence was felt.

He's always exhibited an absorbing personality and unarguably

he deserved to be in the Big Brother Africa final - probably even win the ultimate price. He would spend ridiculous

amounts of money just to keep up with people's perceived

ideas of him and knew the right people to battle with just for clout. The truth is, you just had to train yourself to love him cause truly you couldn't ignore his exploits.

Prezzo has been trying

to make a comeback into the music scene, occasionally

releasing new music and appearing in collaborative efforts. And because he is Prezzo everybody sits up and notices. However, the truth is, in the modern world we live in currently, a lot seems to be happening in the music scene and that totally overshadows his work.

His latest release "King" is an ironical description of who he really is as far as hip hop music is concerned. People have changed with time, but somehow he seems stuck in his past exhibitions. His lyricism still bears old references of his Chaguo la Teeniez days and how he flew in a chopper from Wilson Airport to the Carnivore Grounds.

If you are a fan of Prezzo, then it's certainly because he knows how to handle the showbiz and he is not afraid to express. It has nothing to do with the music - which fades away upon arrival. Though he has been on the down low, it would be intriguing to see him return to his ostentatious ways. Probably that will keep his brand and music going.