US woman leaves husband for Kenyan pastor on live TV

Sarah's husband Keith (right) and her Kenyan lover Kevin. /COURTESY
Sarah's husband Keith (right) and her Kenyan lover Kevin. /COURTESY

“I love you, baby” an American woman told her Kenyan boyfriend on a live TV show in front of her parents and husband.

Sarah, 44, wants to end her 18-year marriage after falling in love with Kevin, a 26-year-old pastor from Kisii, on the internet.

The mother of four said she does not love and find her husband, Keith, attractive anymore.

During an interview on Dr Phil, a popular television show in the US, Sarah’s family begged her not to go Kenya but instead stay and try to save the little that is left of her marriage.

“Sarah does not have a clue of what she is getting herself into if she moves to Kenya,” her mother said.

“She wants this to be real but she is not living in reality right now. I could never imagine my sister sexting especially being a Christian and a mother,” Sarah's sister said.

“Between sex-trafficking and the diseases that are out there she is not prone to getting immunization of any kind why should she go to a country where there are so many diseases?" the father asked.

Keith said he is not letting his wife go without a fight, adding that she if she boards a flight to Kenya, she might never come back.

"When Sarah goes to Africa she might disappear and get eaten by lions," Keith said.

Kevin, who has put Kenya once again at the spotlight, hails from Ogimbo village in Kisii county.

In an interview with Dr. Phil’s crew, Kevin said he loves Sarah and wants to fly to the US to marry her and help her take care of her children.

Sarah said Kevin lives in an orphanage where he is taking care of more than 30 children.

“Sarah is faithful, kind honest and beautiful. I love her because she speaks sweet words to me. We face-time more than five times a day and we even sext,” Kevin said

When Kevin met Sarah’s husband via Skype on November 15, he said he is not afraid to state that he loves her and will take care of their children.

“I love Sarah so much and I have never found a woman like her,” Kevin said

Her husband responded; “I do not know what Bible you are reading and if you are a pastor at all but you do not desire your neighbor’s wife.

"I will not give up this woman willingly. She is a gift from God to me and I will fight till the end to save her.”

Kieth said Sarah started loosing interest in her when she sort medical help from a Nigerian doctor.

He said after that she lost weight and started buying sexy lingerie.

In January, Sarah said she was in a relationship with a Ghanaian but things did not work out between them.

Even as Dr Phil and the family try to talk Sarah out of coming to Kenya, all of them are waiting to see what will happen in February next year if she will indeed travel to Kenya, and then come back to the US with Kevin to start a new life.