Series Review: Prison Break: Resurrection

Prison Break: Resurrection
Prison Break: Resurrection

Starring: Wentworth Miller, Dominic Purcell, Sarah Wayne Callies, Rockmond Dunbar, Robert Knepper, Amaury Nolasco

Premier date: April 4

If ever there was a show that captured the world’s attention, it was Prison Break. This story of two brothers who would go to any end for each other melted our hearts and had us rooting for them to –literally- get away with murder. Although it seemed producers were trying tie lose ends with the final instalment Prison Break: The Final Break; the show runners have managed to squeeze in one final ‘final’ break.

Prison Break: Resurrection picks up seven years after the death of Michael Scofield. Sara has moved on, Lincoln has fallen into his old ways and somehow the greatest villain on earth T-Bag is out on good behaviour. Michael is incarcerated in a Yemeni prison as he is considered to be a dangerous terrorist. The show reunites the old gang in an attempt to get Michael out of prison. This season promises plenty of action in some real-world parallels (like the war in Yemen) but perhaps most of all we are looking forward to the suitable conclusions for our beloved characters.

Star rating: 4.5

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