NYAMBURA JANE: Stop politics in places of worship

Religious leaders should not allow politics in church

In Summary

•These places are meant for worship but not business.

Churches, mosques and temples are holy places and should be honoured and accorded the respect they deserve.

Worldly matters and even politics should not be engaged in these holy places.

The general elections are 11 months away and politicians want to be viewed as good to clear their names.

They know that holy places have great influence when it comes to campaigns.

Religious leaders act as opinion shapers and can persuade many people to support certain politicians.

Citizens should however be aware that politicians are not in church to worship but want their votes in the elections.

After the elections they will not be seen again, they will not be contributing again even in church harambees.

Therefore, religious leaders should be keen not to allow politicians to talk about anything relating to politics in holy places.

These places are meant for worship and nothing else.


Student, Maasai Mara University


Edited by Kiilu Damaris