Complete lockdown necessary to contain coronavirus

Citizens are still operating business as usual

In Summary

• Staying alive beats having money or keeping the economy running. 

• Kenya recorded eight new cases over the weekend, it could blow up if we don't take precaution. 

A worker sprays chemicals in Nairobi's CBD.
PRECAUTION: A worker sprays chemicals in Nairobi's CBD.

We need a total shutdown of everything to contain the Covid-19 spread.

We cannot risk our lives just because we want to keep our economies alive. It’s important we all hibernate indoors, waiting for the coronavirus vaccine or the cure. Should we ignore, we will perish at our offices and businesses as we try to make money.

The World Health Organization has advised people to stay at home to contain the virus that has killed at least 13,000 people in the world. Kenya recorded eight new cases over the weekend and this could get worse if we wait for someone to die to adhere to directives issued for our safety. 

The French parliament has voted to introduce a two-month health state of emergency. This legalises the restrictive measures already taken - including the confinement introduced on March 16 - and gives the government power to legislate other emergency measures by decree. In India, residents of the country’s 75 districts have been placed under travel, work and movement restrictions until March 31.

The decision to lock down parts of the country comes after India launched the world’s biggest exercise in social distancing on Sunday, with the nation’s 1.3 billion people asked to observe a self-imposed quarantine for 14 hours. India is the second-most populous country in the world. It has recorded 415 cases of the virus including seven deaths. The lockdown is meant to flatten the curve by restricting the movement of potentially infected people across their areas to prevent the virus from spreading further.

Barring travel into the country will not contain the spread of the virus is already in the country. So, the restriction of movement within the country is critical.