Referendum not needed if BBI is all about inclusivity

Expanding executive will not guarantee everyone a position

In Summary

• Inclusivity can only be realised if more powers are devolved and more job opportunities created at the county level. 

• Post-election chaos are because power is put in one pool making it prone to abuse. 

POWER IN ONE POOL: Devolution.

The Building Bridges Initiative has been loved and loathed in equal measure by the citizens but it needs further understanding to know what it is really all about.

On every politician's tongue is that the report is about inclusivity but the question not being answered is how this inclusivity will be attained. It would be unfathomable to merely say inclusivity shall be achieved by expanding the executive. All the 47 counties cannot be absorbed in the executive.

This then shows that the BBI has no reason behind its call for a referendum. This shows how this is a plan for a chosen few seeking to satisfy selfish interests. The inclusivity problem can only be solved if more powers are devolved and more job opportunities created at the county level.

No one will fight for the presidency when they are satisfied serving at the county level. The cause of all the post-election violence is the notion we have come to believe strongly that the President handles all powers of the country like 'Deputy Jesus'.

When power is placed in one pool, then it’s prone to be abused. The devolution system has to be strengthened. If this is not addressed in the BBI, then there is no need for a referendum as it won’t favour the normal Kenyan in any way.

Whatever has been proposed in the BBI does not need a referendum as it can be easily changed through legislation. Our Constitution is too young to be repealed and a new one enacted.

We need to fully implement the existing laws before thinking of any amendments. The rule of law has not been fully realised as in many instances, the government has acted in contempt of court orders. It is, therefore, not reasonable to create new laws if the existing laws are still being ignored. For what guarantee do we have that after changing them, every person in power will be in full agreement? They will go back to the drawing board to draft new amendments to suit their selfish needs. 

Law student, Moi University