‘Weak’ youths result from neglect of life skills as a lesson

Most varsity students end up in depression or drugs when faced by challenges

In Summary

• Our education sector should push for the subject to be taught extensively in all schools. 

• Without knowledge of these skills, there remains a gap in the system as learners only become booksmart. 

Internal crisis.
UNPREPARED: Internal crisis.

Schools nationwide experience a gap in how they conduct discipline, order and moral values because life skills lessons have not been given much thought.

It’s true that unrest in schools is caused by various factors of gap knowledge which would otherwise be avoided only if life skills is given space in our institutions. There is a better solution to resolve conflicts in schools which can only occur through the introduction of life skills as a compulsory subject.

University students struggle with issues they wouldn’t experience had they been given better life training in lower levels of education. Most end up in depression, out of school, in drugs or committing suicide. 

Stakeholders should push for extensive coverage of the subject to prepare youths for inevitable problems of life.