Youths’ search for greener pastures becomes suicidal

Dead stowaway said to have been looking for a better life outside the country

In Summary

• Notion that 'I better die struggling for survival than live in starvation' resides in many hustlers' minds. 

• Body of suspected Kenyan who hid in landing gear compartment of a plane en route to Heathrow fell 3,500 feet into a garden in London. 

A Kenya Airways plane
IS THE GRASS GREENER?: A Kenya Airways plane

According to most past references, most suicides arise from the victim’s lack of interest in existing, not out of working to achieve a better life. But suicidal searches for greener pastures have apparently begun.

The notion that ‘I better die struggling for survival than live in starvation’ resides in many hustlers’ minds, and is seemingly being taken literally in the current times when youths are graduating to stay home from lack of employment opportunities.

While we may not understand the desperation in the search for daily bread, the conditions that push a young person to dive to their death while trying to reach a few shillings can only be understood by another in a similar situation.

Some Kenyans are prepared to stare at death by packing their luggage and lunch and hide in ships and planes in search of greener pastures oblivious of the dangers they expose themselves into.

The body of a suspected Kenyan dropped from the sky in London on June 30, the man is said to have hidden in the landing gear chamber in search of a better life outside Kenyan borders. His frozen corpse fell in a garden in London, leaving a crater where it landed. 

Although the story has taken a new twist concerning the man’s identity, other youths who may have had such thoughts of risking their lives to land better jobs or some cash for upkeep will definitely hold on to their lives and make do with the ‘peanuts’ they are paid in Kenya.

This, however, may not serve the purpose of acting as a lesson to the millions of graduates idling and wasting away at their parents’ homes with no job or source of money.

Many will follow the path of trending ‘Manyasi’ thinking they will survive. After all, desperate times call for desperate measures, right?