Inflation as much our fault as leaders’ for giving them power

Kenyans should learn from this regime when making decisions in 2022

In Summary

• Kenyans should train themselves to learn from the past to improve their future and this can only be done by electing leaders of vision. 

• Don't put 'selfish' leaders in office then point accusing fingers at them for avoidable predicaments.  

Parliament proceedings
CHOOSE BETTER LEADERS: Parliament proceedings
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The ongoing general economic hike that has seen many people suffer across all sectors has led many people to shift the blame to leaders describing them as selfish.

It could be true going by the fact that these leaders are the ones who make national decisions on behalf of the people who elected them.

We should say enough of complaints and pocket lessons from the rule of the current regime as we wait for 2022 to avoid a similar situation.

Kenyans should learn from the past to improve their future by electing leaders of vision.