Kibra poll should not break peace built by handshake

Can kibra remain peaceful even when two of the main candidates are from ODM and Jubilee?

In Summary

• Both Jubilee and ODM are trying to claim Kibra. 

• Both Uhuru and Raila should protect the handshake and peace brought about by the handshake. 

Raila Odinga shares a piece of cake to President Uhuru Kenyatta during Raila's birthday
FOE TURNED ALLY: Raila Odinga shares a piece of cake to President Uhuru Kenyatta during Raila's birthday

The upcoming Kibra by-elections are a test that is in sight of two leaders; President Uhuru Kenyatta and ODM leader Raila Odinga, on the response to the handshake that took place between them a year ago.

The two leaders have to commit themselves to guard and protect the handshake which was a sign of unity and peace to this nation. We have seen the peace and harmony that had never been seen since last year on March 9 when the two leaders called a political truce.

In Kibra, the party leaders have to strengthen their bonds and rally their supporters to respect the spirit of unity and peace which they promised each other for the betterment of this country.

Jubilee’s McDonald Mariga should tread carefully with the tactics he uses to lure in voters in order to gain trust from the constituents. He has no legacy done to the youth when he was a player and a big earner during his tenure in football. He is believed to have earned more than sitting MPs and some great veterans who have lived before and started earning before him.

And since he started his career as a highly paid footballer, he has no development agenda for the youth. Imran Okoth, being a manager and an insight to his late brother’s development agenda, should strive to continue with the legacy of his brother. This probably gives him a bigger hand in the constituency.

He should engage close people who know the in-depth problems of Kibra and do what would otherwise be perceived as impossible to win hearts. ANC’s Eliud Owalo, having been Raila’s aide,  knows the circles of politics and how to speak the language of politics.

He should campaign tactfully to beat Okoth who knows the circles of Kibra. Other candidates should work extra hard to make a name.


Kasarani, Nairobi