Sonko suspended officials to divert lens from his case

Former officials who left their offices complained that the governor was hard to work with

In Summary

• Governor has sent away the officials who were regarded his favourites because he now sees them as moles. 

• Sonko's rescue team stole the show even though the city response personnel were poorly equipped. 

Nairobi Governor Mike Sonko in a past press briefing
HIDING SOMETHING?: Nairobi Governor Mike Sonko in a past press briefing

Nairobi Governor Mike Sonko has taken advantage of the hullabaloo caused by the collapse of a city school to interdict a number of his Cabinet members.

Sonko the drama king, currently under the intense lens of investigating agencies, is not just out to hoodwink the public with theatrics but is also trying to deflect attention from himself as well as cover his dirty tracks. He is a known master of disguise.

The officers he has sent home abruptly may be the ones with the key to saving his rotten Cabinet. He now sees them as moles, enemies within who must be replaced with friendly faces. To begin with, Sonko should be the one to be sent on compulsory leave, for over-engaging his rescue team– a personal venture, in the matters of the county.

There was a heavy presence of people clad in Sonko rescue team jackets at Precious Talent Academy and a skeleton of city emergency personnel. Why would the county emergency team be lacking and poorly equipped to respond to emergencies amidst the billions under the watch of the governor, while his rescue team is projected to steal the limelight? Who funds the team and where does the money originate from?

Sonko has fired almost everybody from City Hall while projecting himself as the saint.  By any measure of leadership, a fellow who operates solo and is unable to create a team to work with others is a lame-duck leader. I now understand why Polycarp Igathe could not work with him; and why Janet Ouko, the Education CEC, exited.

Sonko would want to run away with credit of good things in Nairobi but is the first one to cry wolf for his own woes. Sonko should be candid enough and step aside, for he is under investigation.