New Sh1,000 note should have been rolled out gradually

There are elderly and bedridden Kenyans still unaware of the deadline

In Summary

• If the deadline is not extended, banks should work full hours over the weekend to prevent last-minute rush on Monday. 

• Kenyans' eleventh-hour mentality will overcrowd banks on Monday. 

The new Kenyan bank notes
SEPTEMBER 30 DEADLINE: The new Kenyan bank notes

If the deadline to mop out the old Sh1,000 note cannot be extended beyond September 30, it’s my humble request to have the banks to extend their working hours this weekend.

I sympathise with the many elderly and the bedridden Kenyans some of whom are unaware of the deadline. The Sh1,000 note should be phased like the other denomination notes as the sudden move will catch some citizens in remote areas unawares.

Banks should operate over the weekend to avoid the last-minute rush usually associated with Kenyans as seen in the Huduma Namba listing and many other exercises.

If banks operate full working hours this weekend, it will minimise the anticipated long queues on Monday and consequently ease the process.