Poor state of university hostels hinders productivity

Students have resorted to rent rooms outside campus

In Summary

• Students need a calm environment to rest to be able to perform in class and in the field. 

• Parents shouldn't have to pay for rooms if their children don't sleep there. 

A student hostel
DEPLORABLE: A student hostel
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The state of some university and college hostels is devastating. Bedbugs have created a nuisance for the students who need their rest at night.

This has subdued most students to vacate and rent apartments outside their institutions. This is devastating as it is not worth for parents to be paying rent for hostels yet their children live in rooms with improper accommodation.

The Ministry of Education should ensure students have a good environment to scale their academic heights. Bedbugs can’t give them peace of mind which is vital for good performance.

This is probably why most students go out every night to drown their bedbug troubles in alcohol and drugs. The following morning there is not much difference between the student who slept and that who went out.