Raise awareness on contraceptives use among youths

Myths surrounding contraceptive use exposes youth to unintended pregnancies and STIs

In Summary

• Contraceptive education is not allowed in primary and secondary schools. 

• State should implement policies enacted to improve the quality of reproductive health of young people.

Contraception is for both partners
REPRODUCTIVE HEALTH: Contraception is for both partners

Every September 26, the world celebrates Contraception Day to create awareness of contraception.

Myths around the use of contraceptives, society norms, lack of information and insecurity of commodities make young people vulnerable to unintended pregnancy and sexually transmitted infections.

As we mark World Contraception Day, there is a need to consider the milestones we have made in the fertility of young people. Contraceptives prevalence rate among married women has, however, risen from 53 per cent in 2014 to 61 per cent last year.

Naya Kenya