Mau can be saved without hurling citizens in the cold

Leaders should take time to consider all alternatives for the more than 60,000 families

In Summary

• Show the settlers the problem with their living in the water tower, then provide solutions. 

• The evictions will cause an unnecessary rift if done hurriedly and without consideration of the settlers. 

Trees being felled in Mau Forest
INEVITABLE CHANGE: Trees being felled in Mau Forest
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Politics have taken centre stage on Mau Forest evictions, causing rift and confusion not only among politicians but also to the public.

Instead of hurling the settlers out in the cold, the state should convince the over 60,000 families that there is a problem and show them there are alternatives.

Politicians and the public should slow down and recognise that we live in a world where everything is connected and whatever we do has repercussions which will influence our future.

We owe the future generation a good life and should think about them before the next step.