Mau evictions for nation's good, nature has to be preserved

Destruction of trees is a result of human settlements

In Summary

• Hunger will have no room in Kenya if forests are conserved. 

• Mau evictions should not be up for debate when it is our future at stake. 

Trees being felled in Mau Forest
CONSERVATION EFFORTS: Trees being felled in Mau Forest
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The Mau Forest water tower should be conserved. Human settlement is destroying the source of water.

Water is life, water is the most precious commodity for all creatures. There should be no debate on the issue of protecting the country’s biggest water provider. Who came first in Mau? Is it the forest or the people?

The people are the cause of conflict with nature. Tree are creatures, let’s allow them and all other species to also live. Let’s preserve the voiceless trees and millions of species whose existence is under threat by conserving them.

The forest will, in turn, give us rainfall which will result in abundant food. Hunger will have no room in Kenya and after the cases of drought we witnessed recently– some of which are ongoing– we should look at it from this angle.