Decent songs can give you fame too, clean up the lyrics

Artists nowadays are not concerned about the message they pass in their songs but fame

In Summary

• Kenya Film Classification Board should keep artists in check by banning indecent songs. 

• 'Dirty', catchy lyrics are not the way to gain fame, they portray an unpleasant image of the artist's mind, however creative. 

A group of artists demonstrating against MCSK
LOCAL CONTENT: A group of artists demonstrating against MCSK
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Music is believed to have the power to soothe one’s mind. Unfortunately, artists nowadays don’t concentrate on the content of their songs but about how much the song will entertain the public, believing this is the only way they will gain fame.

Some songs have such ‘dirty’ lyrics that they have been banned. Such songs should only be played in clubs. Musicians should put aside their obsession for instant fame and release decent songs that will pass a helpful message to the public. If the message pleases many people, that’s fame for the artist.