Local music sector at risk after ‘peanut’ payment of artistes

Local music is played on many platforms for them to receive Sh2,500 as payment

In Summary

• Amount devalues their hard work in the entertainment industry. 

• They had earlier complained their music was not being played enough locally. 

A group of artists demonstrate against MCSK
'NOT ENOUGH DUES': A group of artists demonstrate against MCSK
Image: FILE

Earlier this month, Kenyan artistes complained that broadcasters are not playing their music.

Now the Music Copyright Society of Kenya has demoralised them even more by paying them Sh2,500, a payment they termed as ‘peanuts’. Is there hope for them?  Its quite agitating since we always hear their songs being played on matatus, radios, TVs and clubs.

The music agency should stop devaluing them since they show uttermost hard work to promote themselves and the music industry of the country. They had a right to complain.