Inevitable sexual curiosity is a danger to vulnerable teens

Lack of sexual knowledge exposes teenagers to defilement, STIs and pregnancies

In Summary

• A group of teenagers was recently nabbed watching pornographic material at a PlayStation outlet. 

• Teenagers are a curious age group as their bodies are changing and are exposed to sexual dangers.  

Traditional sex talk is a taboo
LACK OF SEXUAL KNOWLEDGE: Traditional sex talk is a taboo

Teenage pregnancies and sexual harassment can be attributed to a lack of sexual knowledge. There have been numerous cases where children were defiled but due to fear, they remained silent.

Similarly, some teenage pregnancies occur since teenagers do not have proper knowledge about sex and the consequences of unprotected sex. Educational sex talks remain a taboo in a typical African setting.

However, the time has come where children and teenagers need to understand their sexuality. Recently, a group of teenagers were ambushed watching pornographic videos in a PlayStation parlour.


This shows the extent of curiosity in teenagers as they seek to understand their sexuality. Arming children with sexual knowledge will protect them from sexual dangers.