‘The devil you know’ usually no better than the angel you don’t

Leader after leader make promises before they take office but not much difference is noticed

In Summary

• Economy during former President Mwai Kibaki's tenure advanced at an unprecedented rate but still, corruption scandals were rampant. 

• Electorate often falls for the 'good storytellers' who steal the show every time, not learning from the last experience. 

'Corruption is fighting back corruptly'
CHANGE WHOLE SYSTEM: 'Corruption is fighting back corruptly'

Anyone who thinks we don’t need a new crop of leaders is a beneficiary of impunity and has perfected the system of corruption.

Our state can be compared to a big ship, which had grown infected with the one-party system. A new President is ushered in but before the real changes trickle down to mwananchi, it is time for general elections again.

Kenya has made tremendous achievements in infrastructure, communication, health and education. The economy during former President Mwai Kibaki’s tenure advanced at an unprecedented rate but still, corruption scandals were still rampant as they are now.


Kenyans are still not able fully utilise agricultural output; the strong and energetic youth struggle to get into the job market, reason being, universities are churning new graduates every year but only a small fraction is absorbed into the job market.

The President becomes the captain of a leaking ship, but the Cabinet around him assures that all is fine and running well until the media uncovers one of the big corruption scandals, among thousands that have been escaping the public eye.

Forget the leaders with good policies; it is the best storytellers who steal the show. They promise heaven, give handouts as if they are pulling them from a vending machine and when the tap runs dry, they sprint to their home-banks.

The fact is, in the majority of African states, politicians have been giving people their minds and not their hearts, and end up chasing their dreams and run our institutions like country clubs.

Politicians must stop running their offices like country clubs; they should put aside their capitalist ideas and ideology to concentrate on achieving their people’s goals, not their own dreams and fantasies.

Writer and an Afro-hip-hop artist