Hold county chiefs accountable for ghost pending bills

Auditor general has revealed billions in counties' pending bills, some of which he found to be fake

In Summary

• Governors of affected counties should be probed and prosecuted if found culpable. 

• Proposed Punguza Mizigo initiative could tame corruption in government. 

Auditor General Edward Ouko at a past function
TAME GRAFT: Auditor General Edward Ouko at a past function
Image: Enos Teche

The Auditor General’s reports unearthing colossal amounts in pending bills at counties have exposed the, as a haven for thieves.

Before the counties demand more budgetary allocation from the national government, they should account for every penny allocated to them in the last financial year.

Governors of the affected counties should be investigated and if found culpable, be prosecuted for authorising payment without doing thorough scrutiny.

They should also withdraw the pending court case against MPs for failing to increase their budgetary allocation.