Probe correctional facilities that make child habits worse

Management at these facilities clearly wrong if children come out worse than they were admitted

In Summary

• Some children come out of correctional facilities dreaded and with a different view of life, get into drugs. 

• These facilities should be checked to ensure they follow the rules outlined in Children Offences Act. 

Faces of young children
SHAPING YOUNG MINDS: Faces of young children

Children can be a source of joy to families. Some can, however, be the cause of woes. Parenting is gradually becoming an uphill task for most parents resulting in the high cases of indiscipline.

The Children Offences Act outlines the need and procedure of establishing and managing disciplinary centres and borstal institutions. Parents expect that when they get their children back, they would have turned their lives around.

When these children interact they generate worse behaviour than that which drove them into these facilities. Some even come out with an intoxicated mindset, negative attitude and low self-esteem.

Some of these children smoke openly and chase civilians around violently. This implies there is a challenge in the management of these facilities.