Growth of a nation is derailed by premature politics

Political leaders neglect their duties when they start early politics, it destroys relationships between leaders and electorate

In Summary

• All leaders should focus on President's Big Four agenda. 

• Leaders are securing positions in the next elections halfway into the term, neglecting their duties. 

A crowd at Uhuru Park during a political rally
POLITICS: A crowd at Uhuru Park during a political rally
Image: Monicah Mwangi

Kenya has progressed over the years but would definitely do better if our political leaders put aside excess politics they engage in after an election instead of carrying out their roles.

The next election should not even be a topic of discussion right now given that most of our leaders have not yet fulfilled a number of promises they made.  They should all be striving to achieve President Uhuru Kenyatta’s Big Four agenda.

If our politicians continue like this, 2022 will come, leaders will be elected and the nation will continue stagnating as they will continue with their political campaigns even for the next election.

Lets put politics aside and move Kenya forward as we wait for the next elections in order for us to embrace development and prosperity as a nation.