Uhuru mad because he can’t tame his political minions

Uhuru's focus is on development agenda while that of his deputy is on 2022 out of fear other players could upstage him

In Summary

• President is trying to fulfil development agenda and still remain relevant after 2022. 

• He is also trying to protect the political truce he made with Raila, whose intentions Jubilee leaders don't trust. 

President Uhuru Kenyatta
HIS CREATION: President Uhuru Kenyatta
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President Uhuru Kenyatta was a very angry man on Sunday, a totally different man from the one we saw on Friday attending a funeral in Kisumu. 

Just over a year ago, Kisumu was a no-go zone for the President as Nyanza disputed his election victory. A repeat election in the region flopped, Nyanza’s political supremo declared himself president and his stronghold was to swear allegiance to him and taxes due to the government of Kenya henceforth were declared illegal and was to be channelled to a new treasury.

Today, Raila Odinga, an erstwhile sworn enemy of the President, has become his closest ally, a bosom friend with whom he regularly takes a stroll whenever Uhuru is in Kisumu. Uhuru is now at ease in Kisumu and can stroll the streets alone, without his aides. There is no cause for alarm.

However, his Jubilee strongholds cry betrayal. They would prefer a warring faction between Raila and Uhuru. Uhuru is also incensed by his people, particularly the juvenile leaders he created, who are underrating his immense influence in Central Kenya and nationally. It is clear there is growing discomfort between the President and his deputy, arising from their parallel agenda.

Whereas Uhuru’s focus is on his legacy, his deputy’s eye is set on 2022, fearing other players could spring up and upstage him. He is busy rallying his troops, warming and endearing the country to his leadership. He too has defied the President, putting both at loggerheads. Uhuru is not letting political rookies upstage and outmanoeuvre him in his home turf.

He is fighting to keep his turf and remain relevant post-2022. That is why he’s breathing fire, trampling the political minions on the path of his development agenda.


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