State should not invalidate old notes after rollout deadline

Some people will lose their money if they are abroad and left cash in the house

In Summary

• We are dealing with deadlines back to back. 

• Banks should be allowed to exchange the currency after deadline after confirming their authenticity. 

Kenya currency notes
CURRENCY ROLLOUT: Kenya currency notes
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The government should rescind the announcement of invalidating the old Sh1,000 in four months to avoid infringing on the rights of certain citizens.

For example, assuming that a few days before the announcement, a person had kept a few notes in their house, and went abroad for a year’s training or medical care. It is too expensive for that person to fly back to exchange the notes and fly back abroad.

The law should allow the person to exchange that note at the bank after the bank has certified that it is not fake, and actually was once the country’s currency. I believe that is how mature and civilised nations treat their people.

Even before we settle down from the Huduma Namba dateline, we are bombarded with the currency exchange dateline. When shall we breathe?.