Kenya is attracting global attention for all the bad reasons

Leaders who will most likely be on the ballot in 2022 are mentioned among the top scammers

In Summary

• It will be hard to forget that Kenyan leaders conned a foreign ruler of millions of money. 

• Government has borrowed beyond its limits. 

Fake gold bars
GOLD SCAM: Fake gold bars
Image: FILE

The recent gold scandal that has made the United Arab Emirate’s ruler part with close to Sh450 million is uncalled for.

It is now evident that a Kenyan conned the Sheikh that money. This could possibly be enough to explain why our immediate neighbours, Tanzanians, refer to us as a den of thieves.

Kenya has caught international attention; unfortunately, not for good reasons. We have turned to borrowing to the extent that our lenders cannot loan us money anymore.

Kenyans must rise to the occasion and stop this fame before it becomes worse.

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