Matatu Saccos should help drivers and touts financially

They should offer financial support to their members and those who help fill matatus at termini

In Summary

• Owners seem to be the only people benefiting from Saccos. 

• Matatu industry is rich, but drivers and conductors should get financial help when in need. 

Matatu operators during a past demonstration
PLAN B: Matatu operators during a past demonstration
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One of the rules in the matatu industry is that each matatu should join a Sacco. The name of the Sacco is emblazoned on the side of each matatu. There are very many of them. Do they have offices? Do they help the workers of their members? Let Sacco’s which have registered matatus help them by asking them to contribute money so that the owners can be able to assist the drivers, conductors and those who help them for short distances (squad). Look at the drivers and conductors waiting for jobs at Kengeleni in Mombasa. Saccos in Kenya can make the matatu industry very rich, but what can be seen is the drivers and conductors have no one to go for financial help when they have a need yet the owners are registered in Saccos.