Ethnic-centered award of state jobs splitting the country

No one should get a job because they pass the loyalty test to the person in power

In Summary

• State jobs should be awarded to people with academic qualifications. 

• The leadership cannot be preaching unity and dividing their houses behind the curtains. 

Issues vs tribes
FAIRNESS: Issues vs tribes
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For long, we have lied to ourselves that unity can only be achieved at the pleasure of the President and his acolytes. And that the leadership always means well for the general public.

Well, the world is awash with leaders who left their subjects lurching on a straw, whose vindictiveness alienated a number of people and who rewarded people based on cronyism, tribe and loyalty.

Many countries are in sorry states, thanks to the leadership making decisions based on such myopic and self-effacing behaviour. The theoretical lexicon which postulates that the President is a symbol of national unity is for most practical purposes far removed from what obtains in reality. Gone are the days when state jobs were being doled out to a few blue-eyed boys and girls, who had passed the loyalty test.

By continuing with such tendencies in a modern world, we are perpetuating a vice we have sworn to eradicate as we cultivate and foster national cohesion and healing. The Constitution is proactive in prescribing how to achieve such milestones. By dedicating chapters on how to realise the tenets of democracy, inclusivity and national cohesion complete with timelines, the grand law is not only a key guide to governance issues but also a template for the country we have always yearned for.

When top leadership talks of leaving a legacy of a cohesive society yet the audit of how different tribes are represented in the public service gives a contrary picture, then people are being taken for a ride and empty sloganeering has taken the place of vision.

Nobody should be given a state job simply because somebody from the tribe he or she comes from is reading from your script. We should embrace diversity to build a dynamic country.

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