Denial of SGR loan by China blessing in disguise for Wanjiku

The loan would have been an extra burden on Wanjiku's back

In Summary

• Unemployed engineers should be given jobs in the project. 

•The rejection of the loan could open up alternatives to completing the railway. 

Inside Nachu tunnel on the SGR route to Naivasha
FIND ALTERNATIVE: Inside Nachu tunnel on the SGR route to Naivasha

Let Kenyans not lament the rejection of the loan by China for extension of the SGR.

The Kenyan government should have got skills to transition from Phase 1 for us to complete the railway to Kisumu and Malaba.

I believe Kenya is more than capable of completing the railway as we have many jobless engineers and other skilled workers. In the 21st Century, Kenya should not be begging other countries for help.

Let us put our talents together and show the world we can complete the railway to the highest standard.