Ban on politicians? Reject money from ‘small graft’ also

Not just money from politicians suspected to be stolen from public coffers

In Summary

• Politicians will not be allowed to conduct harambees in the Catholic church and ACK. 

•'Small fish' cover the tracks of their bigger counterparts in graft. 

Illustration of a church
SIN WITHIN: Illustration of a church
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The Anglican and Catholic churches have announced a ban on fund-drives or donations from politicians during their services.

While any measures aimed at discouraging graft practices in our country are laudable, determining which money is clean and which one is dirty poses a daunting task to the church, an institution that is under mounting criticism for placing more premium on money than morality.

It shouldn’t escape our attention that in every mega-scandal in our country, there are small fish playing the role the bigger fish.

This means corruption is an intricate web involving those who would not appear guilty also.

If the politicians’ money is unholy, so should that of a policeman who extorts money from motorists and a school principal who misuses funds.

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