Ugly transfers: exit job with dignity for man is no island

Those switching to private from public jobs think they have conquered the world

In Summary

• Labour exits, like marriage, can turn ugly. 

•Employees forget they need recommendation from current bosses. 

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There comes a time when an employee has to part ways with his or her boss as a result of career advancement, search for greener pastures, termination, resignation or personal reasons.

Whichever the case, the employee must exit their jobs with dignity. As is the case with marriage, labour exits can be messy with full-blown tussles which often turn ugly. The employer should treat the exiting employee with respect. Similarly, leaving employees should exercise grace and disengage their labour in a dignified way.

Departure points are usually characterised by uncalled for drama, sensational lies, scandalised gossip and many other forms of ugly treatments which could be detrimental to either party. Employees transiting to public service from the private sector do so with a level of arrogance.

They disregard their days of humble beginnings. That is being ungrateful and short-sighted. People and organisations that do this forget the maxim, ‘it is a small world.’ An exiting employee could be your referral to a new prospect so ensure can throw in kind words about their former boss or organisation. If they leave with bitterness, they will disparage your product.

If they leave happily, they will forever be a product of the product. In most cases, disgruntled employees leave in a huff and go bad-mouthing their former bosses and companies to win sympathy from people. Remember the world does not stop because you changed jobs. The success of a company is not dependent on one person. Remember even founders of these organisations exit but the firms outlive them.

So the prudent thing to do is to exit gracefully and wish the company good. You could boomerang.

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