Start with the 'big fish' then fight small graft cases

In Summary


Some of the board members of the Kenya Maritime Authority received allowances for the burial of an unnamed principal secretary's relative, a courtesy call by Mombasa Governor Hassan Joho and a benchmarking trip to Thailand. Another Sh14 million in allowances for unplanned foreign trips despite provisions of the Mwongozo Act requiring state agency bosses to stick to work plans documenting all movements for any given financial year. Let the board members return these illegal allowances or they are surcharged. ln Singapore, to stop corruption, they started with the big bosses. Then the small fish did not dare practice it. But in Kenya, the big bosses are leading in corruption cases and nothing tangible has come out. Come election time, these very big bosses use that money from graft to bribe the electorate for votes. This results in the election of corrupt leaders and no sustainable development goals can ever be achieved by a corrupt nation.