Fuel price must rise but please say sorry

In Summary

• Trade CS Moses Kuria has predicted  that the price of a litre of fuel could rise to Sh260 by Christmas

• Kuria, Chirchir and Ndii have been widely criticised for not doing more to rein in rising fuel prices.

Various Kenya Kwanza politicians including Moses Kuria, David Ndii and Davis Chirchir are under fire for saying that the fuel price will keep rising.

They are right on the fuel price but wrong on their failure to sympathise with the ordinary citizen.

The fuel price will go up because the shilling is collapsing and the world price of oil is back over $90 per barrel.

The shilling is so weak because the national debt rose from $12 billion to $72 billion between 2011 and 2022.

The fuel price has shot up because Russia and Saudi Arabia are collaborating on production cuts, an indirect consequence of the Ukraine war.

Therefore, the fuel price will continue to rise and indeed might hit the Sh260 per litre predicted by Kuria. To make matters worse, taxes will still need to be increased to manage debt repayments and fuel subsidies remain unaffordable.

Where Kuria, Ndii and Chirchir go wrong is in failing to express sympathy for the wananchi. We understand that they cannot turn back the tide of rising fuel prices but they could at least say that they understand the hardship now faced by boda bodas, matatus, farmers and everyone else.

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