AG should strike down GMOs ban

In Summary

• This week the Court of Appeal declined to lift the ban on the import of GMO foodstuffs into Kenya

• GMO products have clear benefits so long as a monopoly is not imposed on farmers

A little-known organisation called the Kenya Peasants League has successfully blocked the importation of GMO foodstuffs into Kenya.

Last December the High Court suspended the importation until scientific evidence is reviewed and on Thursday the Court of Appeal declined an application by the Attorney General to lift the ban.

It is not clear how representative the KPL is. Besides being anti-GMO, it is anti-capitalism, anti-patriarchy and anti-multinationals. It is an activist organisation with a PO Box address in Sarit Centre.

However all that matters is the facts of the case. And the Court of Appeal has ruled that the ban should remain in place until the court has heard the scientific evidence for and against GMOs.

This is unfortunate because GMOs can bring clear benefits. Definitely importing GMO sugar, rice and maize from the USA, Brazil or South Africa will bring down their price in Kenya.

The National Biosafety Authority will monitor all GMO products. And Kenyan farmers are not obliged to use GMO seed. They can stick to traditional seed if they think that is more economical.

The AG should not give up. Kenya needs GMO products. The AG should proceed to have the scientific evidence heard in court.

Quote of the day: “But man is a part of nature, and his war against nature is inevitably a war against himself.”

Rachel Carson
The American environmentalist was born on May 27, 1907

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