Don't over-react to Supreme Court

In Summary

• Last week the Supreme Court ruled that the LGBTQ community was constitutionally entitled to freedom of association

• Outraged politicians have declared that Kenya cannot be home to homosexuality

Last week's ruling by the Supreme Court that the LGBTQ community is entitled to form an association has prompted a fierce backlash.

Politicians have stridently declared that they will never allow same-sex marriage in Kenya, even though the Supreme Court only ruled that all Kenyans constitutionally enjoy freedom of association. 

Ironically, the police were widely praised for their swift detective work when gay activist Edwin Chiloba was murdered in January. Politicians then argued that all Kenyans are entitled to the protection of the law. They have now changed their tune.

There is an argument that gays should not be allowed an NGO because their activities are criminal under the Penal Code. That may be true but almost all gay sex happens in private, just like heterosexual sex, and hurts no-one as long as it takes place between willing partners. (And, yes, all paedophiles should go to jail, whether they are gay or heterosexual.)

The President and our political leaders represent and watch over all Kenyans, sinners as well as saints. It is not right to demonise one section of society which is not hurting anyone in particular. Let's not over-react to the Supreme Court ruling.

Quote of the day: "An Emperor is subject to no-one but God and Justice."

Frederick Barbarossa
He was elected King of Germany on March 4, 1152

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