Merry Xmas, best wishes for 2023

In Summary

• 2022 was a tough year as the Ukraine invasion resulted in soaring global inflation

• The August presidential election demonstrated that Kenya is fundamentally peaceful with strong independent institutions.

Merry Christmas card
Merry Christmas card
Image: Courtesy; Hasag

This has been a tough year. President Vladimi Putin invaded Ukraine in February causing fuel and food prices to go through the roof. Kenya is still battling the inflation resulting from the war in Ukraine.

The government has entered into an agreement with the IMF which will result in cuts and job losses. This was unavoidable after the last government's spending spree which saw debt rise from $12 billion to $70 billion in just 10 years.


But it is not all doom and gloom. Kenya successfully weathered a tightly contested election where President Ruto just squeaked over 50 percent to beat his rival Raila Odinga. Kenya remained calm and peaceful. The Supreme Court and the IEBC demonstrated their independence with judgments that went against the wishes of government. That institutional strength bodes well for Kenya's future.

It has also been a good year for the Star. Our unique monthly visitors hit a record total of 6,000,000 in September (driven by the presidential election). The transition from print to digital is now a real possibility.

So, in this festive season, we wish all our readers a very Merry Christmas and a prosperous 2023.

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