Increase reward for Embu matatu driver

In Summary

• Samson Kariuki and eight passengers are in quarantine after he reported that two passengers were fleeing the Kilifi lockdown

• The Embu County Commissioner praised Kariuki and gave him a cash reward of Sh10,00


Samson Kariuki, the Embu matatu driver
Samson Kariuki, the Embu matatu driver

An Embu driver matatu driver has ended up in quarantine for 14 days after he reported that two of his passengers were fleeing the lockdown in Kilifi (see P3). Eight other passengers were also quarantined.

Embu county commissioner Abdullahi Galgalo rewarded driver Samson Kariuki with Sh10,000 and food for his family. 

The two passengers fleeing from Kilifi to Kitui via Kibwezi were grossly irresponsible and deserve to be punished. At a minimum, they should be made to pay the cost of quarantine for the eight passengers and the driver.

Lockdowns are inconvenient and unpopular but they are essential in the fight against Covid-19. The mantra 'Test, Contain and Control' represents the best way forward for governments globally.

Mass testing of residents and containing those who are positive is how Taiwan and South Korea have successfully limited the spread of the virus.

Samson Kariuki was a responsible citizen who did the right thing. The government cannot control the spread of Covid-19 without the active assistance of the public. He deserves a bigger reward and the government, and members of the public, should top up the Sh10,000 he has already received.

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