Gold conmen should be quickly prosecuted

President Kenyatta has ordered the arrest of all those involved.

In Summary

• Government officials indicate that the transaction is legitimate

• People should not try to make a quick buck with dodgy deals

Gold bars
Gold bars

A well-connected businessman from the UAE has been swindled of hundreds of millions of shillings by gold scammers in Kenya.

President Kenyatta has ordered the arrest of all those involved.

What is shocking is the involvement of rogue state elements at all levels of the scam. The Dubai businessman was shown the 'gold' in a secure facility at Jomo Kenyatta airport. He was taken to a safe house where the gold was stored and which was guarded by Administration policemen with an AP lorry parked in the yard.


The victim was introduced to an impersonator of Interior CS Fred Matiang'i but another genuine politician apparently met him.

In other similar scams, victims are taken to government offices to convince them that the transaction is legitimate.

Some victims are partly to blame. They believe they can make a quick buck and avoid paying taxes.

Nevertheless, we are all gullible at times and prey to conmen. Uhuru and the real Matiang'i should crack down hard on these gold scammers. They should be prosecuted quickly and receive deterrent sentences. We cannot allow the state to be infiltrated by conmen.

Quote of the day: "If you steal, do not steal too much at a time. You may be arrested. Steal cleverly, little by little."

Mobutu Sese Seko
The President of Zaire (Congo) fled on May 16, 1997.