Stop politicians making political talks in church

In Summary

• All donations at harambees may be tainted

• Churches need the contributions from harambees

Archbishop Jackson Sapit
Archbishop Jackson Sapit
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Anglican Archbishop Jackson Ole Sapit is considering banning politicians from church harambees.

This is a double-edged sword because the church may lose substantial contributions towards deserving projects such as school buildings and health clinics.

It is said that politicians are only handing over 'dirty money' at harambees but who is to say where the other donations come from? Maybe a contractor who defaulted on a county road project has contributed, or a supplier who delivered sub-standard products. 

There is always a risk that the money donated at harambees is tainted and that the donor is just trying to clear his name or conscience.

Often politicians go to church harambees as the chief guest. It is expected that they will make a big donation in exchange for being allowed to talk. The churches are not innocent partners in the harambees. They know what they are doing.

The solution may be to allow the politicians to continue harambees, to talk and make donations, but to have strict rules preventing them from making political speeches. Then the church can remain a House of God.

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