STAR EDITORIAL: It is time Uhuru fires non-performing ministers

President Uhuru Kenyatta./FILE
President Uhuru Kenyatta./FILE

President Uhuru Kenyatta's body language and facial expression in public tell of a man frustrated and let down by some people to whom he has entrusted the delivery of development agenda. Some of his lieutenants are sadly not reading from the same script with the boss.

The President has a legacy to seriously think about in his final term in office. He has specifically identified Agriculture, Housing, Health and Manufacturing as

the pillars on which this legacy should be built.

This is the second year of his final term in office but all is not well. Kenya is still a food deficient country. There is nothing to write home about the housing pillar. The news on the health front is most of the time negative and manufacturing is at a standstill. No wonder the President is on the edge.

The economy is also not doing well to support the infrastructure-driven growth strategy. And the continued 2022 succession politics is further aggravating the situation.

The appointment of hands-on CS Fred Matiang'i to coordinate the implementation of the Big Four agenda is commendable. The President should now

push those not up to the task under the bus.