EDITORIAL: Boinnet shouldn't rush to defend police killing

Inspector General of Police, Joseph Boinnet. PHOTO/COURTESY
Inspector General of Police, Joseph Boinnet. PHOTO/COURTESY

Police shot dead six people on Sunday night in Kolongolo in Trans Nzoia county.

Inspector General of Police Joseph Boinnet on Monday defended the police.

He said an unruly crowd tried to rescue a suspect and forced the police to defend themselves.

Witnesses claim that the crowd was angered when police started beating up the suspect who was accused of assaulting

his wife and the scared police then started firing live bullets.

To make matters worse, a local TV station has claimed that the suspect's wife was having an affair with one of the policemen.

This is a complex situation. Ipoa has said that it will investigate and hopefully it will unearth the truth.

But why does IG Boinnet so swiftly come to the defence of the police? Does he truly know what happened? Is he just relying on the testimony of the local policemen?

It would be better for IG Boinnet to simply say that he is investigating and will release a statement when he is in possession

of all the facts.

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