Media Owners’ silence on TV ban is deafening

Staff in the NTV control room on February 1 /REUTERS
Staff in the NTV control room on February 1 /REUTERS

A week has passed since the Government switched off Kenya’s biggest television stations – Royal Media Services' Citizen TV, the Nation Media Group’s NTV and the Standard Media Group’s KTN.

The High Court ordered the Government to lift the ban on Friday, but nothing has happened.

Equally disturbing is the silence of industry lobby groups and associations like the Kenya Private Sector Alliance, Federation of Kenya Employers, Kenya Association of Manufacturers and the Kenya National Chamber of Commerce.

It is astonishing that neither the Media Owners’ Association nor the above groups have issued a protest in the face of the State’s roguish behaviour and disobedience of court orders. The battles seems to have been left to the Editors’ Guild and civil society groups.

This deafening silence must not continue. Media organisations are employers and taxpayers and the Government has no business endangering livelihoods.

The State says a massacre was planned in Nairobi on January 30 and some media houses and journalists were in on the plot.

Is there an active file open on any such thing?

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