Stand with Uhuru, ignore the debes

We must send a message to our politicians that Uhuru is the model that they must follow

In Summary

• He has tried very hard to stay above the petty politics, to just get on with his job.

• We want someone above the fray and not spending the taxpayers hard-earned money on mudslinging.

President Uhuru Kenyatta
MODEL: President Uhuru Kenyatta
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Empty vessels make the most noise. We seem to have so many of them, especially at the political level. We have politicians from every party, faction within a party, using all of their God-given energy to plot, strategise and connive.

They see only the future and not the present.

They are not looking to find ways of serving Kenyans. Their only aim is to place themselves in this or that camp, or to defend or attack someone who sees themselves as a candidate in the next general election.


While at the beginning it made for a great soap opera, it has now become sad. The more we hear from these people, the more it demonstrates their vacuousness.

We don’t hear great ideas on what they will do with power should they achieve their aim, just that they seek it, often viciously.

It has reached a point where the factions are actually hurting us, the people.

While every political system has people trying to get ahead and using all manner of tactics to do so, many Kenyan politicians have taken it to a new level. They seek to try and trip anyone and anything that does not serve their interests, including the President.

President Uhuru Kenyatta has always tried to place himself above the petty politics, from within and without. Not to say he is an angel, but it is clear that just as he has never been so much as accused of corruption, one would be hard pressed to demonstrate an action he has taken that was just part of the petty politics merry-go-round.

His war on corruption has changed the paradigm in Kenya away from wide-scale impunity towards a situation where even the highest-level businessmen, officials and politicians are not immune. This has won him lots of enemies and there have been frequent backlashes when someone connected to a faction is under investigation.

Out comes the outrage, the name-calling and personal attacks. Uhuru has tried very hard to stay above it, to just get on with his job.


He has not preferred one faction or the other. In fact, rather, he has taken the opposite approach to those conspiring around him.

While many are closing ranks and making accusations against anyone outside of the camp, Uhuru has reached out beyond not just his camp, but his political home.

The handshake with Raila Odinga was another paradigm-changing moment. Since then, many opposition leaders have similarly embraced Uhuru’s outreach and joined him as he ensures a better future for Kenya, largely through his Big Four agenda.

Nonetheless, a lot of these achievements can be questioned if the debes are not silenced.

Uhuru cannot do all this on his own. He needs our help. We need to stand up and say we will punish those politicians who openly factionalise and spend most of their waking hours screaming about it.

We must send a message to our politicians that Uhuru is the model that they must follow. We want someone above the fray and not spending the taxpayers hard-earned money on mudslinging.

Politics is not for the faint-hearted but it should be about making a difference. We should no longer be amused at the cesspool our politics has become, and this is three years before another election.

The three years are critical as Uhuru tries to help Kenya attain Vision 2030. If we don’t stand united towards these important development goals we will not reach them. If we get bogged down by petty politics, we risk being dragged backwards to 2007, when political scheming ended in bloodshed, disunity and mistrust.

Let’s stand not with any faction, but with Uhuru. Let’s be like him and ignore the debes. Without our attention they just show their emptiness with irrelevant noise, and our President can be given the time and space to take our nation forward.

Laikipia North MP