We thought it was a joke until death confirmation came - Sgt Nyawira's family

Sergeant Rose Nyawira was CDF Francis Ogolla's official photographer

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  • Nyawira's father, Peter Wachira Kariuki, on his part said he last saw his daughter on Sunday when she visited.

  • The family hails from the Kagio area in Mwea, Kirinyaga county.

Sergeant Rose Nyawira
Sergeant Rose Nyawira
Image: X.COM

The family of late Sergeant Rose Nyawira has spoken about her death.

Sergent Nyawira died in a chopper crash alongside the Chief of Defence Forces Fred Ogolla and nine other military officers. 

Sergeant Nyawira's brother Martin Kinyua disclosed that at first, the family did not take the chopper crash news seriously. 

Sergent Nyawira was CDF Ogolla's official photographer. 

"We thought it was a joke until our uncle confirmed her passing. My sister had a very bright future," Kinyua said.

The family hails from the Kagio area in Mwea, Kirinyaga county.

Nyawira's father, Peter Wachira Kariuki on his part said he last saw his daughter on Sunday when she visited.

Kariuki said he will miss his daughter dearly. 

"She was here on Sunday and we had a great time together. I also saw her off despite the heavy rains. We will miss her," Kariuki said. 

Some of Nyawira's classmates from the Multimedia University of Kenya also took to social media to mourn her. 

"Rest in peace, my classmate Rose," Joy Wayodi said on X, formerly known as Twitter. 

Another user on X by the name Heat Dealer remembered Nyawira as the purest soul he had ever met. 

He said Nyawira always had a big smile and was quick to forgive.

"Sergeant Nyawira was my classmate at Multimedia University while we were studying Mass communication. To us, she was just Rozie. She was very kind. She didn't deserve to go like this," he said.

"They are calling Sergeant Nyawira collateral damage but she had her whole life ahead of her. She had a son . She had friends. People she helped. People she influenced. People who loved her. People whose lives have been completely altered by her demise. Say her name." 

Brian Otieno who was also a classmate through his X handle mourned Nyawira, saying that she had gone too soon. 

"She was just Rozie to us. Those days at Multimedia University studying Journalism. A happy girl always, who held on tight to her crew, but always mingled with the rest. May she rest well," Otieno said. 

Nyawira died on Thursday when she was accompanying CDF Ogolla to Elgeiyo Marakwet County. 

A total of 10 people died following the helicopter crash in the North Rift. 

Others were; Brigadier Swale Saidi ; Colonel Duncan Keittany; Lieutenant Colonel David Sawe; Major George Benson Magondu ; Captain Sora Mohamed ; Captain Hillary Litali; Senior Sergeant John Kinyua Mureithi and  Sergeant Cliphonce Omondi.

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