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Fresh 'BBI' petition seeks to create PM post

Parliament has received the petition by Victor Okul.

In Summary
  • The petition is fashioned around the botched BBI proposals.
  • President William Ruto had strongly opposed an expanded executive.
A delegate reads BBI report during its launch at Bomas of Kenya on October 26, 2020.
A delegate reads BBI report during its launch at Bomas of Kenya on October 26, 2020.
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A petitioner has written to the National Assembly to have the position of Prime Minister established, akin to the botched BBI proposals.

Victor Okul is seeking to have Constitution Amendment Bill, 2020 reintroduced to also create the office of the Leader of Official Opposition.

The petitioner wants the PM to have two deputies.

The Bill was successfully passed by the two Houses of Parliament but quashed by the Supreme Court, months to the August polls.



"The current winner take it all system is regressive and divisive in presidential elections," he said. 

Kesses MP Julius Rutto said that the country is facing a challenge with the Constitution. 

"The debate on whether or not the three new offices will be created, should be decided in a referendum," he said. 

If his petition sails through, this means Article 108 on the Order of Precedence in the National Assembly will also be amended. 

The order of precedence observed in the National Assembly will change to The Speaker of National Assembly, the Prime Minister and the Leader of Official Opposition. 


Currently, the order is the Speaker of the National Assembly, leader of the majority party and leader of the minority party.

The BBI, which was majorly championed by former President Uhuru Kenyatta and ODM Leader Raila Odinga was seeking to expand the executive.

Akul's petition has been committed to the Committee of the Petitions of the National Assembly for processing.



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