Suspects corner OCS during questioning

In Summary

• The suspects who appeared before as a Nairobi court questioned the manner in which the OCS arrested them.

Milimani law court
Milimani law court
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Seeking justice is not an easy task for lawyers.

An advocate at Nairobi court was so determined to defend his client that he took to much time, causing dissatisfaction among court attendants. 

"He started asking questions at 2pm, it is now 4pm, when will they ever finish," a court attendant was heard saying.

“We are determined to get justice, let him ask as many questions as possible. We are here to serve everyone,” the magistrate said.

But the magistrate. too, got tired on his seat, and at at some point, he removed his shoes as the lawyer litigated.

The magistrate also seemed to struggle as he put down the lawyer's arguments.

“Your honour the I.O (investigating officer) is arrogant, please note down,” the lawyer urged the magistrate.

At some point, the magistrate had to ask what extra points the lawyer wants to be noted.

“Bwana wakili, I don’t understand you. What you want me to note down. I have written down a lot of items. Please, which is the next one as I don’t understand?” the magistrate posed.

Some of the court attendants were even heard saying that the advocate is likely to cost his client the case.


A Nairobi OCS was on Wednesday cornered by six suspects charged with trafficking bhang with a street value of Sh90,000.

The suspects who appeared before as a Nairobi court questioned the manner in which the OCS arrested them.

“Please sir, tell this court how you managed to break into our house to get us arrested. How did you know that we're in the house?” they asked the OCS.

“I don’t break into houses. I ordered your arrest and I was on the patrol. We used the required procedure,” he fought back.


 “She ate rice beans, ordered me to tune to Citizen TV news and after that, she sneaked with stole my mother’s Sh18,000 that was in the purse. She also threatened to beat me up,” those were the words of a witness at a Nairobi court.

She revealed to the court that the customer ran away without paying her bill and instead got away with a lot of cash.

“She left and I found the money missing, in short, she never paid for the food she ate,” she added.