Nyanza MP, principal secretary trade blows at city hotel

It's said the scuffle had something to do with the sacking of a junior officer.

In Summary
  • Senate powerful committee chair seeks Raila help in defending seat.
  • Two key Tangatanga operatives received a test of their own medicine last week when they landed in Matungu to campaign for the UDA candidate.
Former Prime Minister Raila Odinga
CONGRATULATIONS: Former Prime Minister Raila Odinga
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Is a chair of an influential parliamentary panel seeking the hand of ODM leader Raila Odinga in his bid to retain the position ahead of impending elections? Well, Corridors is aware of an elaborate scheme by the embattled committee boss to endear himself for reelection, despite a falling-out among members. There are reports that the politician faces a bleak future after Raila reportedly declined to endorse him. The lawmaker's critics argue that for the one year he has served as chairperson, he largely ignored his colleagues and pursued his own interests. A moment of reckoning indeed for the senator as his term comes to an end.


Two key operatives from a political party received a taste of their own medicine last week when they landed in Matungu to campaign for their candidate. The high-flying political figures had landed in a chopper at a neighbouring primary school when they encountered resistance from supporters of a dominant political outfit. These supporters made it impossible for the operatives to disembark from their chopper. Sensing danger, the politicians retreated and flew to another primary school where they made a surprise entry to a church fundraiser to save face. Later a series of meetings were held with MPs from the region to iron out the issues linked to some boycott.


An MP from Nyanza and a principal secretary are said to have traded blows at a city hotel along Mombasa Road? Sources whispered to Corridors that the two met and had a brief chat. It's not clear what triggered the scuffle, though it's said it had something to do with the sacking of a junior officer from the MP's constituency. The quiet MP is said to be a very combative man. It remains unclear if the matter was resolved or it will become a police case.


A county government in Western Kenya is plotting to plant candidates in a union representing its workers during its next elections. Current union officials have been strong critics of the administration and the county is keen to have friendly unionists take over. A small bird whispered to Corridors that county departments were asked to contribute at least Sh1 million each to the campaigns of their preferred candidates. Part of the money will go towards organising meetings with union members, while a good amount will be used to 'bribe' voters just before the polls. The outgoing officials have been strong defenders of workers' welfare and have been exposing the county to ridicule.