Arrogant Nairobi MP gets taste of his own medicine

MP arrived late a social event and insisted on taking someone else's chair , a scuffle ensued

In Summary
  • None of the patrons were willing to give up their chairs for the late-arriving MP.
  • One MP falls asleep in committee meeting, another appears to fall in love with and defend a witness being grilled in 'august' house.
Members of Parliament and Senate at the parliament gallery during the opening of the 11th Parliament.
Members of Parliament and Senate at the parliament gallery during the opening of the 11th Parliament.
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An MP from Nairobi got a taste of his own medicine when he took his arrogance to a social event at a popular joint in the city. The legislator arrived late for the function and expected those who kept time to give up their seats for him. The MP is said to have instructed one of his bodyguards to grab a chair from one of the patrons, but he refused to give up his seat to the obnoxious latecomer. A fracas ensued but the MP watched as if to say he had to have that chair for himself. Luckily, the commotion attracted a crowd, forcing the MP and his bodyguards to back off, faces covered in shame.

One would expect an MP who arrives very late to a committee meeting to immediately try to find out from colleagues what he/she missed after sitting down. Well, one MP who arrived at the tail end of a meeting recently and probably thought he should take a nap first and join the discussions later. The legislator, soon after sitting down, dozed off only to wake up as the chair was concluding the meeting. The MP did not want the meeting to end without making any contribution, so he asked a question. He was however informed that the question he was asking had been covered conclusively at some point during the meeting.

And still in the committee meetings, an MP recently appeared to have suddenly fallen in love with a woman they were grilling. At first, the legislator was the one asking tough questions but as time went by, the MP developed a soft spot for the woman. The MP turned out to be a supporter of the woman, defending and explaining her responses to colleagues all the time. After the meeting, a MP was overheard telling a colleague that he legislator should just have been the woman's lawyer during the session.