Flashy state officer rains on governor's parade

Flamboyant officer brought the county to a standstill with calls for the governor to quit

In Summary

• Governor worried after jubilant reception of his rival, now claims he already has secured a ticket.

• Mombasa MCA bites the hand that feeds him and decides to make as much money as he can..

ODM headquarters worth Sh180 million in Lavington off Convent Road in Nairobi.
ORANGE HOUSE: ODM headquarters worth Sh180 million in Lavington off Convent Road in Nairobi.

A governor has gone into a panic mode just days after a youthful state officer officially declared his interest in the county seat. The flamboyant officer brought the county to a standstill as he made the rounds, saying it was time for the governor to pack up and go. So worried is the ODM boss and his handlers that his team has now started propagating lies on social media to discredit their challenger. The governor, his strategists and some MCAs, have been bragging that they have already secured an ODM (headquarters pictured) ticket for 2022. The lot is worried especially after witnessing the jubilant reception accorded to the newcomer in the race.

An aide of a very important person in the ranks of government has been missing in action for days. This has prompted conclusions that he could have been fired quietly, an approach favoured by his boss. But that’s not the case. A small bird whispers to Corridors of Power that the fellow is holed up in a facility for checks by medical experts. Why? He is said to have suffered adverse effects of what might have been a dangerous hobby. The man, those in the know say, may not be out any time soon.

Just how impractical can some Members of Parliament be? A lawmaker from a constituency in South Nyanza has shocked constituents with his insistence that all bursary applications must be accompanied by a voter’s card of a parent needing the fee support. What now baffles many constituents is how they will meet that strict requirement yet the Independent Electoral and Boundaries Commission no longer issues voter's cards, this being an era of voters being identified using biometrics. The angry residents are appealing for any intervention to ensure they are not locked out from the bursary cash.

The cardinal rule that one should not bite the hand that feeds him appears unfamiliar to an MCA in Mombasa. The man has opted to take on his former boss who literally picked him from a football match and shoved him into the political arena. The MCA has now turned out to be the biggest critic of his mentor and has instead joined hands with the big man’s main rival. He is said to be resigned to the 'fact' that he won't retain his seat and is now focused on making as much money as he can from his new political catch 'so he can retire in peace'.